Rare Mint Vintage

Penny (1/2)

  • 1918 No Mint Penny. Rare (10)
  • Rare Edward I 'longshanks' Silver Long Cross Penny, Robert De Hadelie, Bury St Edmunds Mint, After 1279,
  • 1970 D Mint Mark Circulated, Very Rare Penny
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  • Very Rare 3 And D 1983 D Mint Mark Penny
  • Rare 1943 Steel Wheat Penny-no Mint Mark
  • 1936 Penny No Mint Error On We Rare Mark
  • Rare 1952 Lincoln Wheat Cent Error Coin American Unique Errors No Mint Mark Vintage Collectors Highly Collectible Copper
  • 1982 No Mint Small Date Penny Not Many Small Dates Around. Rare Find.
  • 1925 No Mint Rare Lincoln West Penny
  • 1982 Small Date Penny 2.5 Grams Extremely Rare 2 Pennies No Mint Mark Error
  • 1965 Penny No Mint Mark Very Rare Valuable
  • Extremely Rare Unique Mint Error 1945 D Wheat Penny One Cent Obverse Mint Error And Reverse Capped Die Mint Error One Of A Kind
  • 1959 Jefferson Nickel No Mint Mark Rare